What browsers are currently supported ?
The site is tested for IE 8 and above, Safari, Firefox and Chrome with a minimum resolution of 1024x768

Why am I not able to hear to the audio in Firefox ?
Firefox needs a plugin like flash player for playing the audio. Please click here to install the flash plugin.

I have clicked on the audio icon, but why don't I hear any audio ?
There are few seconds delay built in the audio files, so once you click pls. be patient till you hear the audio.

Is there a offline version of the audio files, something like an app ?
We do have a android app. Pls. search for "Kannada Baruthe" in google play store and download it for free.

Why is the translation at several places in English and not proper Kannada?

Per our objective we are focused on helping our non-kannadiga friends learn spoken Kannada. For those who don't know Kannada at all, it is important to first motivate them to learn some basics which is easy and cool, so the focus is on Kanglish (Kannada + English) where appropriate. Some of the english words used even in the translation are still something the targeted audience will understand. This is in no way a disrespect to our language. We just want our non-kannadiga friends to break the inertia and start the learning process, once they get comfortable with this type of spoken Kannada they can extend that interest and passion further to learn regular Kannada.