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What do I want to say ? How do I say it in Kannada ?
I naanu   
He avanu   
She avaLu   
You neenu   
It adu   
This idu   
That adu   
Mother amma   
Father appa   
(you) Come baa   
Sit kuLithuko   
Walk nadee   
Eat thinnu   
Drink kudee   
Win gellu   
Go hOgu   
Run ODu   
I go naanu hOguthEnE   
He goes avanu hOguthane   
She came by bus yesterday avaLu ninne businalli bandhaLu   
What is your name? nimma hesarEnu?   
What yenu?   
Your Ninna   
Name Hesaru   
my name is divya nanna hesaru divya   
i am a software engineer naanu software engineer   
i am from bengalooru (bangalore) (place of origin) nanna ooru bengalooru   
happy to meet you nimmannu beTi maaDi santOshavaayithu   
yes howdhu   
no illa   
sorry, i'm late kshamisi thaDa aayithu   
please dayaviTTu   
sorry kshamisi   
i will come back naanu punaha baruthEnE   
i want it idhu nanage bEku   
i don't want it idhu nanege beda   
this is good idhu chennagidhe   
let us go hOgONa   
come tomorrow naaLe banni   
get me a glass of water nanage ondhu loTa neeru koDi   
i'll meet you in the evening naanu ninna sanje bheTi maduve   
wait untill i am back naanu baruvavaregu kaadhiri   
drive slowly nidhaanavagi (vaahana) chalayisi   
there alli   
here illi   
come banni   
Take thogo   
Take (plu) thegedhukoLLi   
Listen kELu   
Listen kELi (plu)   
Tell HeLu   
Tell (plu) HeLi (plu)   
Inside oLage   
Outside Horage   
Stop Nillisi   
Now Eega   
Then Aaga   
Fast bEga   
give koDu   
Ours namma   
Yours nimma   
who yaaru   
when yaavaga   
where yelli   
why yaake   
know gothu   
don't know gothilla   
Like ishTa   
door baagilu   
window kiTaki   
chair kurchi   
table mEju   
house mane   
how hEgE   
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